PILN Bulletin 03 Mar 08


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In this issue:

  1. Thank you everyone for your feed back on the PILN Bulletin.
  2. Update on the Foy judgement.
  3. “Access to an Effective Remedy Challenging Immigration Decisions” an article by Hilkka Becker, Immigrant Council of Ireland. 
  4. FLAC presentation on the Habitual Residence Condition delivered to the Committee on Social and Family affairs on 6 Feb. 
  5. Link to the Committee meeting which the Minister attended on 20 Feb.
  6. NUIG Law Faculty Annual Distinguished Lecture for 2008 will be given jointly by The Right Honourable Baroness Hale of Richmond and Mrs. Justice Catherine McGuiness.
  7. Legal Advocacy Internship with Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI). Download details on MRCI internship here.
  8. Constitutional Court of South Africa Supreme Court upholds the right of homeless people.
  9. Strasburg Court bans deportation of terror suspect.
  10. Legal Aid for whistle- blower site.
  11. Dáil debates regarding the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2006.