FLAC Fellowships

Through the Thomas Addis Emmet Fellowship, FLAC gives one Irish student the opportunity to take part in a programme run in conjunction with the University of Washington, Seattle. In his or her two-month stay in the United States, the candidate has the chance to work in the field of international public interest law and earn invaluable first-hand experience in human rights and public interest cases.

The Fellowship provides the successful candidate with:

  • the chance to work in an international public interest law environment;
  • hands-on experience writing appellate briefs, interviewing prospective clients and involvement in consultations;
  • the opportunity to attend law lectures on American and International Public Interest Law;
  • the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Comparative Law;
  • the opportunity to interact with American law students working in public interest law;
  • flights, accommodation and meals plus an allowance for the successful candidate.

By the same token, the William Sampson Fellowship from the University of Washington Law School, Seattle allows an American student from that university to come to work with FLAC in Ireland during the summer months.