Tax Efficient Giving

Did you know that if you are in the position to make an annual donation of €250 or more to FLAC, that your donation can go even further in supporting access to justice?

The rules governing tax refunds on charitable donations were changed at the beginning of 2013. Now, regardless of whether you are a PAYE tax-payer or self-assessed, the refund will go straight to the charity to whom you made the original donation and will be made at a ‘blended’ tax rate of 31%. This applies regardless of whether you make a single donation, or a number of smaller donations, so long as the total over the calendar year is at least €250.

What this means in practice is that if you make a total donation of €250 in one calendar year, FLAC can claim back an additional €112.32 from Revenue, bringing the total value of the donation up to €362.32.

To reclaim this extra tax back for FLAC, you need to either complete a CHY3 form or a CHY4 form for the Revenue Commissioners. The CHY3 form is an enduring certificate that is valid for 5 years, unless you cancel it before the end of that period. This means we don’t have to contact supporters each year. If you prefer to just complete the form for one year, you should use the CHY4 form which is valid for just one year. Alternatively, we will send the forms to all supporters we know to be eligible in January of the following year.