Need legal help?

FLAC is an independent, voluntary organisation that helps people to understand and access their legal rights. Our aim is to promote equal access to justice.  FLAC offers some basic legal assistance for free and in confidence primarily for those that cannot afford legal advice, as well as campaigning on some priority areas of law.

FLAC cannot and does not attempt to substitute for state-funded legal aid services. (You can learn more about the state civil legal aid service from our FLACsheet.) Social justice organisations that are looking for legal help can talk to our PILA project (this is not for individuals).

Note that our head office on Dorset Street is not a drop-in centre and we cannot answer queries there.

You can get legal help from FLAC in three ways:

Telephone information & referral line

Call our telephone information line for basic legal information, for details of your local FLAC advice centre or for a suitable referral, call 01 - 906 10 10.

Free legal advice

A limited number of FLAC phone advice appointments are offered in conjunction with the Citizen Information Services. A FLAC phone advice appointment is a free and confidential appointment in which a volunteer lawyer may provide you with the following:

  • First stop assistance
  • Basic legal information
  • Advice (such as the next steps you need to take)
  • Referral (to another appropriate and relevant service)

Online information

Download FLAC's legal guides and find more sources of information.