Speirs170412FLAC090FLAC publishes practical guides on and analyses of various areas of law, particularly those which affect disadvantaged groups. It also produces reports on current legal problems and issues. These publications bring to light information that helps to formulate policy as well as strategies and recommendations for action.

FLAC issues a quarterly magazine, FLAC News, which features legal information and comment, reports on new developments and insights into FLAC's work in general.

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  1. Briefing: Mortgage Arrears Figure Q1 2015Central Bank figures from 4 June 2015
    • Issued : June 2015
  2. tALTBriefing on Our Voice Our Rights 2015Overview of civil society reporting process and findings
  3. tALTUlster Bank Commitments 2015
  4. tALTFLAC News 24(4) Oct-Dec 2014
  5. tALTPILA Pro Bono Survey 2014
  6. tALTJoint Submission: Social Welfare Bill 2015FLAC and Community Law & Mediation
  7. tALTFLACsheet: Making a Freedom of Information request
  8. tALTReport: Person or Number 2A Second Examination of Issues faced by Immigrants Accessing Social Protection
  9. tALTPaper: Owner Occupier Mortgage Arrears-Progress on...
  10. tALTFLAC News 24(3) Jul-Sep 2014
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