Become a volunteer

Speirs170412FLAC083Since FLAC was established in 1969, it has depended on the dedication and the efforts of volunteers. FLAC volunteers are involved with the organisation's work in many ways. Through their work, our volunteers support some of the most disadvantaged people in our communities, and assist them to realise their right to access to justice. Volunteers fulfil different roles within FLAC. These different roles require different skills, qualifications and commitment levels but share FLAC's passion for making the law more accessible.

FLAC seeks to involve volunteers in order to:

  • Maintain the network of Free Legal Advice Centres;
  • Assist advisors in the Free Legal Advice Centres;
  • Provide educational talks, training and presentations for local communities;
  • Register and work with FLAC's PILA pro bono initiative;
  • Support FLAC's work in a research capacity or in working groups;
  • Support FLAC's work in an administrative capacity;
  • Support FLAC's work through the work of its National Council, which is the governing body of FLAC.

FLAC is committed to its volunteers and acknowledges the importance of their commitment to FLAC's aims, mission and values and as such, FLAC intends to carry out the highest level of best practice in every aspect of volunteer management. 

If you are interested in volunteering with FLAC, check out our Volunteer Registration form. You can also call us at 01-887 3600 and speak with FLAC's Volunteer and Centres Manager Zsé Varga or e-mail us. You can find further information about the different kinds of volunteer roles available on the right.