PILN Bulletin, 7 May 2009


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In this Bulletin:

1. EU Fundamental Rights Agency report on levels of racism in Ireland

2. UL, UNHCR – two reports on immigration in Ireland

3. UK: Judge fired for rudeness to solicitors

4. Philippines: Lawyers required to provide mandatory free legal aid service

5. ACLU and others ask court to allow Muslim women to wear veils in court

6. New issue of FLAC News 19(1), January-March 2009

7. Paper by Michael Farrell, FLAC Senior Solicitor, presented at TENI Transforming Attitudes conference

8. Irish Human Rights Commission: Policy Statement on s. 62 of Housing Act 1966

9. Marriage Matters for Lesbian and Gay People in Ireland: Social and Legal Perspectives – A National Symposium, 7 May 2009

10. Disclosure of Criminal Convictions: Proposals on a Rehabilitation of Offenders Bill, proposed by The Spent Convictions Group, 14 May 2009

11. Irish Mental Health Campaign conference, 18 May 2009

12. Civil Society: Enabling Dissent, 20 May 2009

13. Symposium on the legal capacity of persons with disabilities in the light of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the EU, 4 June 2009

14. Equality & Rights Alliance – Roundtable on the Independence and Effectiveness of Bodies under European Standards and Directives, 25 May 2009

15. Irish Human Rights Commission: Internship/ professional placement programmes