PILN Bulletin, 30 March 2009


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In this Bulletin:

1. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Follow-Up Conference, 6 April 2009;

2. Manager for new Public Interest Law project appointed;

3. Are Declarations of Incompatibility effective?

4. Speech delivered by former Chief Executive of the Equality Authority, 12 February 2009;

5. Courts Service gets it wrong;

6. Not essential to prove applicant was specifically targeted for eligibility for subsidiary protection on grounds of serious and individual threat to life;

7. Kenyan legal aid activists murdered;

8. Evicted Chagos Islanders not allowed to return home;

9. Sudanese president charged with war crimes while top Serbian officials found guilty;

10. Launch of The Single Protection Procedure – A Chance for Change, 31 March 2009;

11. Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights public lecture, Queen’s University, 31 March 2009;

12. Transgender Human Rights Conference and Educational Seminar, 17-18 April 2009;

13. Marriage Matters for Lesbian and Gay People in Ireland: Social and Legal Perspectives – A National Symposium, 7 May 2009.