PILN Bulletin 22nd October 2007


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In this issue:
Foy Judgment – FLAC welcomes Court’s recognition of transgender rights and first ever Declaration of Incompatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights, 19 October 2007, Inaugural Dave Ellis Memorial Lecture took place on 15 October 2007; Judgement due shortly in the Bode & Ors cases; Supreme Court overturns deportation orders relating to five Nigerian children whose mother was refused refugee status; The Migration Integration Policy Index reports that Ireland ranks last out of 28 European countries for its lack of long-term residency rights for migrant workers; Report on sex-trafficking in Ireland is published; UK Public Interest Lawyers take the Ministry of Defence to Court in relation to the alleged mutilation of the bodies of Iraqi insurgents in 2004;Constitutional Court of South Africa defends girl’s right to wear nose-stud in school; English Language Classes on Mondays at Deansgrange, South County Dublin; Seminar on Mental Health and Human Rights: Challenges for Law and Practice, UCC, 25 October 2007; The role of the NGO sector in representing the interests of groups experiencing inequality: Have your say, Equality Authority seminar on 14 November 2007;First ever UK national Pro Bono Conference to be held in London, 17 November 2007