Access to justice bodies - Ireland

Ballymun Community Law Centre -

Ballymun Community Law Centre (BCLC) was established in 2002 on foot of a locally-based campaign to ensure that legal services were provided to people in their own area. It is the country's second community law centre, and is funded and supported by a range of statutory and non-governmental organisations. BCLC provides legal information, advice and representation in relation to civil cases for people living in the Ballymun area where they do not come under the Civil Legal Aid Act and they cannot afford to instruct a private solicitor. The Centre operates outreach and drop-in advice clinics in the Ballymun area each month. Main areas dealt with include housing, employment, social welfare, consumer, equality, debt and family law. Community legal education and legal training is also provided.

Children's Law Centre (NI) -

The Children's Law Centre (NI) compliments existing services provided by the voluntary, community, statutory and legal sector, works in partnership with children and other agencies committed to realising children's rights and is developing a comprehensive and accessible advice service on children's rights and the law as it relates to children and young people - the 'Chalky' freephone service for children in Northern Ireland at 0808 808 5678, weekdays from 9am to 5:30pm.

Law Centre (NI) -

Law Centre (NI) is a not-for-profit agency working to advance social welfare rights in Northern Ireland. Its main activities are providing advice and casework on referral from our membership, including the undertaking of strategic court work and representation before the social security commissioners, industrial tribunals, immigration appellate authorities and social security tribunals. It also offers training and information aimed primarily at advisers, both new and experienced, and produces publications to assist advice agencies in their operation. Its main areas of work are social security, community care, housing, employment, immigration and child support.

Immigrant Council of Ireland -

The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) is an independent non-governmental body which seeks to address the emerging needs of immigrants in Ireland. ICI provides free information and advice on immigrants' rights and entitlements and referral services to other appropriate agencies. Issues covered might include work permits, working visas/authorisations, business permits, student visas, tourist/visitors' visas, permission to remain, family reunification, citizenship & residency, regularisation and voluntary return. ICI conducts research in the area of migration, lobbies the government with regard to immigrants' rights and entitlements, and provides training to statutory and non-statutory agencies.

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission -

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) is an independent public body set up by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Act 2014. Its aim is to protect and promote human rights and equality throughout Ireland, as set out in the Constitution, national human rights and equality legislation, and european and international treaties and conventions.

The IHREC provides information to the public about their human and equality rights, and has published a number of useful information leaflets, which can be found on their website external link.

Community Law and Mediation -

Ireland's first community law centre was established in 1974 and has played a vital role in the local community since then. Community Law and Mediation provides information, advice and representation to individuals and groups in Dublin North Central / Dublin North East who otherwise cannot afford to access legal services. It works with the community in education, research and on campaign issues. It focuses in particular on family law, employment and equality law, social welfare, consumer and debt law, wills/inheritance and housing. Community Law and Mediation also provides legal representation in certain cases.

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission -

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission seeks to ensure that the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland are fully and firmly protected in law, policy and practice, which includes monitoring and promoting compliance in Northern Ireland with domestic and international human rights standards. The NIHRC is responsible for co-formulating a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland, providing independent specialist advice on human rights matters to the public and for potentially assisting in suitable human rights cases, either by providing assistance or by submitting interventions in proceedings.