Statistical Annual Report for 2004 (abridged) FLAC Data Collection Programme


Please note that this information is dated as of a specified time and may not be legally valid.


With the view of having uniform records and statistics of the overall work of its centres, FLAC introduced the Data Collection Programme in January 2004. This report reflects the findings of the programme over the 12-month period of 1 January - 31 December 2004. It is an abridged version of FLAC's Annual Statistical Report for 2004.

The information was gathered from the data collection forms used in the legal advice centres when a client comes for a personal consultation. Every visit of a person to the centres is treated as one client, and one form is used per client. 32 participating centres returned 3,317 forms. This last figure refers to consultations where questionnaires were filled out and indicates that at least 3,317 clients visited those centres during the period of reference.