PILN Bulletin 9 July 08

PILN Bulletin 9 July 08


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PILN Bulletin 9 July 08

In this issue:

1. Anonymous evidence ruled unfair by House of Lords

2. U.S. Supreme Court bans death sentence for child rape

3. International Bar Association launches website to bring together international pro bono practitioners

4. Human rights principles can guide climate change policy, reports International Council on Human Rights Policy

5. ICCL calls for surveillance law reform after Strasbourg Court victory

6. Individuals have a right to keep handguns for lawful purposes, rules U.S. Supreme Court

7. Irish Human Rights Commission calls for establishment of Joint Oireachtas Committee on Human Rights

8. List of human rights based courses taking place in Europe

9. Ireland’s hearing before the UN Human Rights Committee on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 14 & 15 July 2008