PILN Bulletin 6 August 08

PILN Bulletin 6 August 08


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PILN Bulletin 6 August 08

In this issue:

1. European Court of Justice overturns ban on EU spouses in Ireland;

2. UN Human Rights Committee adopts Concluding Comments on Ireland;

3. EU: Protections against direct discrimination/ harassment of disabled people in employment extended to non-disabled employees with disabled offspring;

4. New UN High Commissioner for Human Rights appointed;

5. UK: School guilty of indirect discrimination on religious grounds;

6. Australia: Call for mandatory pro bono work;

7. UK: Ban on unmarried couple’s adoption rights found incompatible with HRA;

8. US: Former Senator George Mitchell receives Scales of Justice Award;

9. Minister of State to launch African-Irish Hall of Fame Awards 2008;

10. PROGRESS towards Equality conference, Belfast, 1 September 2008.