PILN Bulletin, 23 April 2009


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In this Bulletin:

1. FLAC, ICCL and IPRT host ICCPR follow-up conference;

2. Courts Service produce DVD for young people;

3. Independent report states that State-run centre for housing asylum seekers operates in an “inhumane environment”;

4. Taoiseach winds up the National Forum on Europe;

5. Public Interest Law in China;

6. UN Anti-Racism Conference adopts final outcome document, 22 April 2009;

7. Privacy and Discrimination conference, Belfast, 25 April 2009;

8. 40 Years of FLAC, we celebrate with a poetry reading, 26 April 2009;

9. NUIG hosts conference on Alternatives to Prison, 1 May 2009;

10. Marriage Matters for Lesbian and Gay People in Ireland: Social and Legal Perspectives – A National Symposium, 7 May 2009;

11. Irish Mental Health Campaign conference, 18 May 2009.