PILN Bulletin 21 April 2008


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PILN Bulletin 28 April 2008

In this Bulletin:

  1. High Court rules that lesbian couple with a child enjoy family rights.
  2. The applications for postgraduate programmes in human rights in Queen’s University Belfast are now open.
  3. One day conference on Justice and Borders at Irish Royal Academy.
  4. UCC Postgraduate Conference on Criminal Justice and Human rights.
  5. Pulling the plug on a criminal investigation into alleged corruption held unconstitutional by the UK High court.
  6. UK Court of Appeal applies Saadi v Italy and prevents deportation to Libya.
  7. IPRT announces seminar on the theme of “Prisoners, Adjudication and Legal Representation".
  8. The Launch of the Law Reform Committee's “Enforcement of Environmental Law: The case for reform” programme.
  9. US Supreme Court holds that death by lethal injection is constitutional.
  10. The Law Society holding annual lecture on Human Rights on 7 May 2008.