PILN Bulletin 12 Feb 08


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In this issue:

1. Help FLAC evaluate the PILN Bulletin; 2. NUIG academics appointed to EU Rights Group; 3. European Commission to launch “Justice Forum”; 4. Trade unions for Prison Workers in Argentina; 5. Disability case at European Court of Justice could mean significant changes for carers; 6. Free Travel Case: Government submissions and FIDH Response now available; 7. No order for costs awarded in case of autistic boy; 8. Migrant worker awarded damages for gross breaches of employment law; 9. NASC to hold information seminar on Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill, 11 February 2008; 10. Launch of Marriage Equality Initiative,18 February 2008; 11. Second Annual Distinguished Lecture in Criminal Justice and Human Rights, UCC, 21 February 2008; 12.Volunteers sought for research; 13.  Irish Council for Civil Liberties seeks three new staff members.