PILA Bulletin, 4 November 2009

PILA Bulletin, 4 November 2009


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In this Bulletin:

1. Criminal Legal Aid now to include a barrister, in addition to a solicitor, for District Court proceedings;

2. Ireland before the UN Human Rights Committee: One Year On;

3. Supreme Court upholds golf club’s right to exclude women;

4. UK: Proposed cuts to English criminal legal aid scheme could result in legal action by lawyers;

5. EU: Commission takes the Netherlands to court on discriminatory student grants;

6. USA: Law firms pay newly qualified lawyers to work for public good;

7. Legal Education: More practice needed in legal education in Ireland;

8. Law Centre Northern Ireland training courses, December 2009;

9. Call for expressions of interest, Research Project on the Practice and Experience of Advocacy in Ireland;

10. Events: FLAC’s Third Annual Dave Ellis Memorial Lecture, 1 December 2009;

11. Public lecture by Prof Barbara Hudson, Queens University, 12 November 2009;

12. Child and Family 8th Welfare Network Event, Community Policing and Early Intervention, NUIG, 24 November 2009.