PILA Bulletin, 4 March 2010


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1. Standing notice – Join the PILA lawyers’ register!

2. Save the dates! Upcoming PILA events

3. FLAC launches Direct Provision report

4. Attorney General ordered to pay costs in frozen embryo case

5. Law Centre successfully settles equality case against local authority re married 17 year olds

6. Inclusion Ireland launches petition calling on Government to introduce modern capacity legislation

7. UK: Crown Prosecution Service publishes clarification on law concerning the assisting or encouraging of suicide

8. UK: Court of Appeal in England finds it permissible to prohibit Christian employees from wearing crosses at work

9. UK: European Anti-Racism Committee Reports on UK

10. Reform Plan for European Court of Human Rights

11. EU Rights Commissioner Outlines Programme

12. France Condemned for Treatment of Travellers

13. ECJ makes landmark rulings on immigrant parents

14. The IBA Women Lawyers' Interest Group Outstanding International Woman Lawyer Award

15. Internship opportunity with the Equality and Rights Alliance

16. Call for Papers: Conference on the Convention on the Rights of the Child

17. Event: Irish Society of International Law’s annual Séan Lester Lecture, 11 March 2010, Dublin 7