PILA Bulletin, 3 December 2009

PILA Bulletin, 3 December 2009


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In this Bulletin:

1. High Court gives judgement in asylum test case;

2.Cuts in human rights budgets harm Ireland’s image;

3.FLAC’s Third Annual Dave Ellis Memorial Lecture;

4.UK: English Bar Standards Board permits joint practices of solicitors and barristers in limited circumstances;

5.UK: Evidence of UK complicity in torture;

6.Switzerland ban construction of minarets on Mosques;

7.Public Interest Litigation: Australian Court delivers Landmark decision on Protective Costs Orders;

8.Two papers attached by Michael Farrell and Martin O'Brien;

9.Amnesty International invites written submissions from organisations involved in health and housing, deadline 14 December 2009;

10.Community Legal Education: Housing law and policy course, Ballymun Community Law Centre in association with NUIG School of Law;

11.Events: Immigrant Council of Ireland information session for organisations working with migrants, Athlone, 8 December 2009;

12.Law Reform Commission to launch its report on Defences in Criminal Law, 14 December 2009.