PILA Bulletin, 28 January 2010

PILA Bulletin, 28 January 2010


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In this week’s bulletin:

1. Standing notice – Join the PILA lawyers’ register!;

2. Update: Launch of FLAC's Direct Provision Report, 18 February 2010;

3. FLAC News available on FLAC website;

4. Supreme Court clarifies criteria for judicial review of administrative decisions affecting fundamental rights in Meadows case;

5. Update: ERA complaint to the EU Commission not accepted;

6. Ireland nominates Anastasia Crickley to the Committee of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination;

7. European Court of Human Rights: Application seeking to broaden the Court’s approach to standing in a case concerning alleged abuses at psychiatric hospital in Romania;

8. Russia backs reform at the European Court of Human Rights;

9. UK: 2009 UK Pro Bono award;

10. UK: English High Court grants judicial review in case of extraditing Gary McKinnon to the US;

11. UK: High Court in England rules compensation may be payable to terror suspects detained on control orders;

12. US: Class action suit filed in LA to defend rights of autistic children to treatment;

13. Jobs – various positions;

14. Launch of ICCL Know Your Rights booklet;

15. Events: Upcoming events at the Law Centre, Northern Ireland;

16. Events: Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights at University College Cork will hold its IV Annual Postgraduate Conference, 29 April 2010.