PILA Bulletin, 20 November 2009

PILA Bulletin, 20 November 2009


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In this Bulletin:

1. Independence of Equality Authority and Irish Human Rights Commission under the spotlight;

2. PILA seminar series review, Using human rights law for clients: comparing the British and Irish experiences;

3. Recent pro bono conferences, London and Budapest;

4. European Court of Human Rights hands down two judgments on prison overcrowding which could have significance for the Irish penal system;

5. USA: Human trafficking victim wins $768,000 in Californian court;

6. Legal Education: Bristol University’s Innocence Project murder case referred back to English Court of Appeal;

7. Community Legal Education: Human Rights Education Association E-learning Course in Human Rights Litigation, deadline 1 December 2009;

8. Events: Child and Family 8th Welfare Network Event, Community Policing and Early Intervention, NUIG: Change of date;

9. Advice Services Alliance (NI) Civil Justice Conference 2009, Belfast, 20 November 2009;

10. Irish Family Planning Association 40th anniversary celebration, 27 November 2009;

11. FLAC’s Third Annual Dave Ellis Memorial Lecture, 1 December 2009;12. European Agency for Fundamental Rights Conference, Making rights a reality for all, Stockholm 10-11 December 2009.