PILA Bulletin, 19 March 2010

PILA Bulletin, 19 March 2010


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In this week’s bulletin:

1.Standing notice – Join the PILA lawyers’ register!

2.Save the dates! Upcoming PILA events;

3.UK: Supreme Court determines test to be used when considering extradition of suspect and impact this may have on their right to a family life;

4.UK: Report of English Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity recommends positive discrimination against men;

5.European Court of Human Rights: Refusal to index-link pensions of former residents not discriminatory;

6.European Court of Human Rights finds succession to a tenancy of a property in Poland which is denied to a homosexual after his partner’s death is discrimination;

7.European Court of Human Rights finds the UK to have breached rights of two Iraqis it transferred to Iraqi authorities;

8.Prison Law Seminar, Irish prison law and the ECHR, 22 March 2010;

9.Launch of Akiwda’s new publication, Am only saying it now- experiences of women seeking asylum in Ireland, 25 March 2010;

10.Africa Centre, training for trainers, Dublin 1, 14 April – 22 April 2010;

11.DCU to host Inaugural Annual Law and Society Lecture, 21 April 2010;

12.International conference on equality at UCD, 5-7 May 2010.