FLAC News 25 (2) Apr-Jun 2015

FLAC News 25 (2) Apr-Jun 2015


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FLAC News 25 (2) Apr-Jun 2015. Special UN ICESCR reporting edition

in this edition...

Section 1: Blogs & news articles

  • A life of dignity: Why the UN has 28 questions for the Irish government p2
  • Civil Legal Aid is necessary to truly uphold ICESCR Rights p3
  • An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí na tithí cúirte, le do thoil? p4
  • An abdication of duty: How State policy sacrifices public health for corporate wealth p5
  • Enabling older people to attain their basic rights pp6-7
  • Access to justice and discrimination in Ireland pp7-8
  • How is the Government shaping up on key human rights? pp8-9
  • Is Ireland ensuring the right to education for all? p9
  • Holding Ireland to account for violations of basic human rights p10
  • Poverty in Ireland has a child’s face: Children’s economic, social & cultural rights p11
  • Economic, Social & Cultural Rights of Travellers & Roma p11
  • The Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Disabled People p12
  • The right to housing p12
  • The right to social security p13
  • Right to a cultural life p13
  • Timeline of reporting process under International Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights 14

Section 2: Speaking notes from presentations to UN Committee on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

  • Collaboration and solidarity at the heart of ICESCR reporting process p16
  • Presentation by Noeline Blackwell on behalf of FLAC and the Our Voice Our Rights Civil Society consortium pp17-18
  • Speaking notes by Barra Lysaght, Threshold p19
  • Speaking notes by Fiona Walsh, Tallaght Trialogue p19
  • Speaking notes by Jane Donnelly & Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland p20
  • Speaking notes by Jane O’Sullivan, Community Law & Mediation p21
  • Speaking notes by Dr Katherine O’Donnell and Maeve O’Rourke, Justice for Magdalenes Research p21
  • Speaking notes by Maeve Taylor, Irish Family Planning Association p22
  • Speaking notes by Dr Liam Thornton p23

Section 3: Questions & Answers

  • Questions & Answers during UN Examination of Irish State delegation pp24-26

Section 4: UN Concluding Observations

  • UN: ‘Disproportionate’ State focus on cuts during austerity pp1 & 27
  • UN Committee Concluding Observations pp28-31
  • The Our Voice, Our Rights road to Geneva – a photo gallery p32