Past Campaigns

FLAC's campaign for Civil Legal Aid - a history

FLAC has worked to establish a legitimate system of civil legal aid since its founding. Early examples of this work are the establishment of the Coolock Community Law Centre (now Northside CLC) in 1975 and FLAC's involvement in the Pringle Committee.

Consumer credit - time to better protect consumer interests!

FLAC is campaigning to protect consumers from the worst excesses of the market by ensuring that the provision of credit is responsible, transparent and affordable. Comprehensive state-funded systems of money advice and civil legal aid are also needed to back up these protections.

Legal Aid Campaign

FLAC campaigns for a comprehensive civil legal aid service. Civil legal aid is different from criminal legal aid, which is available to all those who meet certain criteria. In Ireland, state civil legal aid is provided through the Legal Aid Board. FLAC has provided information and advice to those in need since 1969.