The FLAC Casebook

FLAC, as an Independent Law Centre, takes on a number of cases in the public interest each year. These cases must have the potential to benefit a wider group of people as well as being important for the individual client.

The FLAC legal team also run a weekly legal clinic for members of the Roma Community and provide a Traveller Legal Service.

The FLAC Casebook provides updates about FLAC’s ongoing case work to highlight notable outcomes and to provide an insight into how FLAC uses litigation in the public interest as a mechanism for achieving its broader aims.

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FLAC cases illustrate the importance of the Equality Acts in combatting HIV Stigma and giving a broad meaning to disability.

 |  Maureen Gourley

The stigma and associated …The stigma and associated discrimination linked with HIV status is still prevalent in Ireland and those affected …

Continued use of “local connection” tests a concern for FLAC

 |  Christopher McCann

The Government’s “Housing for …

FLAC’s Traveller Legal Service – A Review for Traveller Pride Week

 |  Christopher McCann

Traveller Pride Week 2021 runs from 20 …

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