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Council Member (Director/Trustee) with Finance Experience

Council Recruitment Finance (Twitter Post)

About the role

The Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) Council, is seeking to recruit a new Council member with finance experience, to join the Council in 2024. The candidate should currently hold or have previously held a role at a senior level in a finance related role such as an accountant or financial controller. Experience of the Charities Statement of Financial Practice (SORP) would be of benefit. The candidate should also have a very good understanding/knowledge of and interest in the charity sector and the Charities Regulatory Authority. 

There are currently eight members on FLAC Council with one due to retire in early 2024. Council has eight members (8), the successful candidate for this role will be invited to join a Board committee.

All members of FLAC Council are Directors of Free Legal Advice Centres, which is a company, limited by guarantee and have duties as a Director under Company Law.

FLAC Council is committed to the principles that are set out in the Charities Governance Code.

Each Council member of FLAC is therefore understood to commit to:

  1. Advancing the Charitable Purpose of FLAC
  2. Behaving with integrity
  3. Leading people
  4. Exercising control
  5. Working effectively
  6. Being accountable and transparent

Time Commitment

FLAC Council meets 8-10 times a year with three meetings in person per annum. Council meetings take place both online and in person in FLAC’s Head Office. The estimated time commitment of the Council member is 6-8 hours per month.  

Council members are expected to attend all meetings, although it is understood that there may be times where other events prevent attendance. Where appropriate, participation by conference call will be arranged.

The new board member would also be required to, provide supervision and support to the finance manager, in relation to; the finance report for council, SORP, the audit and investments and be a member of  audit and risk committee. The new board member preferably would be or have considerable experience as an accountant/financial controller

The initial term of office for FLAC Council members is 3 years, with an opportunity to serve a second 3-year term subject to Council approval.  

About FLAC

FLAC is an independent legal and human rights organisation, which exists to promote equal access to justice. Our vision is of a society where everyone can access fair and accountable mechanisms to assert and vindicate their rights. We

  • Operate a legal information and referral telephone line.
  • Run a nationwide network of legal advice clinics where volunteer lawyers provide basic free legal advice.
  • Engage in litigation and takes on cases in the public interest, as an Independent Law Centre.
  • Engage in research and advocates for policy and law reform in areas of law that most affect disadvantaged and marginalised people.
  • Operate a Pro Bono Referral Scheme through the Public Interest Law Alliance (PILA), and engage the legal community and civil society in using the law to advance social change.
  • Run a Roma and LGBTQI+ Legal Clinic.
  • Operate the Traveller Legal Service.

We are working developing our new strategic plan for 2024-2027

To apply  

Please send a CV of no more than 2 pages and a cover letter of no more than one page through by email to . Your application should detail any relevant finance, charity and board experience as well as what attracted you to this role. Please note that previous board experience is not an essential requirement for this role. 

FLAC has a Board Recruitment Strategy which identifies the skills required for a well-functioning board. It is important that FLAC Council is made up of members who bring different insights and perspectives to the deliberations and decision making of the Council and which has regard to the need to have diversity among council members, which reflects the diversity that exists in our society including the diversity that is reflected in terms of the discriminatory grounds in the equality legislation and socio economic status, and which reflects different backgrounds and life experience.  Recruitment to FLAC Council should take into account any practical experience of individuals in the area to which the FLAC’s purpose relates and any special expertise an individual may have in order to ensure that FLAC Council gets a wider range of experience and is effective in realising its objectives. Recruitment to FLAC Council ensures that there are no unnecessary barriers that might prevent people from joining or taking part in FLAC Council

For more information on the Council or FLAC, please contact the Assistant Chief Executive, Ingrid Colvin on

A pdf copy of the above role description can be downloaded here

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms for news of any future opportunities.