PILN Bulletin 19 Nov 2007


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In this issue:
1. Update on Foy case
2. Returning Irish emigrants being denied access to welfare benefits
3. Hawai’i lawyers release Civil Legal Needs Assessment and Community Wide Action Plan to increase equal access to justice
4. Czech Republic found guilty of racial discrimination against Roma community with regard to schooling
5. 6th UK National Pro Bono Week culminates in first National Pro Bono Conference
6. UK firm helps secure stay of execution for longest serving death row prisoner in the US
7. The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the European Union Conference at the Academy of European Law, 19-20 November, Trier, Germany
8. Seminar ECHR Update: The Recent Use of the ECHR in the Courts, Procedure, Remedies and Analysis 20 November 2007
9. International Children’s Day takes place tomorrow, 20 November 2007
10. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to speak at TCD, 23 November 2007
11. Irish Human Rights Commission, 2nd Annual Human Rights Lecture by Thomas Hammarberg, 26 November 2007
12. European Citizen Action Service Conference on issues around the European elections in 2009, 27 November 2007, European Parliament, Brussels
13. AMEN, 10th Annual Conference, 10 December 2007, Dublin
14. Irish Society of International Law’s third annual Sean Lester lecture to be given by Prof. Vaughan Lowe, 12 December 2007