PILA Bulletin, 11 February 2010


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1. Standing notice – Join the PILA lawyers’ register!

2. FLAC to launch new report on direct provision, 18 February 2010 and regional launch in Limerick on 22 February 2010;

3. Northern Ireland Agreement includes legal aid call;

4. UK: Government loses torture appeal;

5. UK: Supreme Court quashes Orders for freezing assets of suspected terrorists;

6. UK: English Bar Council to judicially review Ministry of Justice’s consultations on new criminal legal aid work fees;

7. UK: Home Office to pay compensation to Bolivian family for imprisoning them whilst their case was under judicial review;

8. UK: National Equality Panel in the UK publishes An Anatomy of Economic Inequality;

9. European Court of Human Rights: Detention of children in transit centre deemed to be inhuman and degrading treatment;

10. International: Muslim veils to the fore once again in France;

11. International: International Criminal Court to rehear charges of genocide against Bashir;

12. Article attached on lesbian couple case;

13. Events: School of Law, Queens University Belfast conference on Disability, Discrimination and Human Rights, 20 February 2010;

14. The Faculty of Law, University College Cork, conference on Mental Health Law, 26 February 2010;

15. Faculty of Law, University College Cork, 4th Annual Criminal Justice and Human Rights Lecture, 4 March 2010.