FLAC shocked at Niall Crowley resignation

12 December 2008

FLAC is shocked that Niall Crowley has been forced to resign as Chief Executive of the Equality Authority because of the crippling cutbacks in the Authority’s budget.

FLAC, which works to secure access to justice for disadvantaged persons, said: “The Equality Authority has played a major role in working to end discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, disability, age and sexual orientation. There is a real danger that if the Authority is prevented from doing its work, the gains made over the past 10 years will be lost during the current recession.

“We pay tribute to the great achievements of Niall Crowley in guiding the work of the Equality Authority over the years and admire his principled stand to draw attention to the damage being done to the equality and human rights infrastructure of the State.

“We call on the Government to immediately reverse the cuts in the budget of the Equality Authority and allow it to do its job of preventing discrimination and victimisation against the vulnerable in our society.”