PILN Bulletin, 12 February 2009


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In this Bulletin:

1. FLAC: First anniversary of Foy judgment;

2. UK: Court says US and UK government pressure prevents publication of torture evidence;

3. UK: More companies using human rights laws;

4. European Court of Human Rights uses Airey decision to highlight its progress in celebrating 60th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

5. International: Impoverished suffer from acute reduction in legal aid;

6. Columbia: Court rules that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to same rights as straight couples;

7. February 20 declared World Day of Social Justice;

8. MarriagEquality seeks Interns and volunteers (Dublin City Centre);

9. Inter-cultural Storytelling Seminar, 21 February 2009;

10. Irish Women Lawyers Association: Conference, 28 February 2009;

11. Academy of European Law: Conference on Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in the Area of Migration, Strasbourg, 17 March 2009;

12. The Wheel: Annual Conference, 19 May 2009.