Need legal help?

FLAC is an independent legal rights organisation - we are a registered charity which campaigns for greater access to justice, including more and better legal information for the public.We offer basic legal information and advice to the public. However, in the normal course of events we cannot offer people legal representation.

Please note that the State operates a service called the Legal Aid Board which offers legal advice and representation to people who pass a means and merits test. For more information, please go to the LAB website ( You may have to join a waiting list for these services so you should apply as quickly as possible. FLAC has also issued an information FLACsheet on Civil Legal Aid which explains the system.

How FLAC can help with your legal query:

Telephone information & referral line

FLAC offers first-stop legal information to the public via its telephone information and referral line. You can reach us on our LoCall number - 1890 350 250 - and we will provide you with basic legal information on your query, refer you to one of our centres for advice or a more detailed consultation, or direct you on to a more suitable information provider where appropriate.

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Legal advice centres

You can also attend one of our evening Legal Advice Centres, located all around the country and usually on the premises of the local Citizens Information Centre. Here you can talk to a volunteer solicitor or barrister face-to-face about your legal query.

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Legal information leaflets

FLAC publishes a series of leaflets explaining such issues as separation, maintenance, wills, probate, enduring power of attorney and maternity leave. These provide a basic introduction to the issue and what is involved in the legal process. New leaflets and advice documents are added to this series on a regular basis, so bookmark the page.

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